A better inbox for reading newsletters and substacks

💌 Declutter your primary inbox
🔍 Discover the best newsletters. One click subscribe/unsubscribe
👨🏽‍💻 Focus mode for distraction free reading
📚 Scroll our Twitter-like feed to read all your newsletters

A superior newsletter reading experience

An inbox that is designed with newsletters as the primary source of knowledge.

Focus Mode

Read all that you have marked as "read later" — set timer, and hide your real-time inbox

Twitter-like Feed

Scroll the Zen Inbox feed to read already open newsletters to save time

Newsletter Summaries

In the summary view, quickly glance 3 major insights from each newsletter before deciding on what to read in detail

Discover Best Newsletters

See what the world's best creators are sharing in their newsletters across 30+ categories.

Privacy First

1-click subscribe/unsubscribe using your Zen Inbox email ID. We mask your primary email ID and don't share with anyone

Highlight & Make notes

Write your notes, save highlights easily sent to your Evernote or Notion app. See the outline and all links embedded in a newsletter in the notes

Kanban and Calendar view

See all editions of your favourite newsletter together as a kanban list. See all your subscriptions in a calendar view.


Organize your newsletter subscriptions in categories like 'Growth', 'Learning', 'Finance'.

Reader Analytics

Analyze how much time you spend on each newsletter and what newsletters you don't read frequently.

Get ready for a superior newsletter reading experience

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